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Hello everyone MAP settings FOR R6 2011, I received your type 3 kit which I will assemble soon, while waiting I checked the maps made available by you several times, in particular the map 08-11 R6 13S-8591A-00 EU Stock and the map 08 - 11 r6 13S8591a-00 EU Unrestricted, the one without restrictions. now let's get to the questions. I saw that the advance maps from N to 6th gear vary a lot from the Stock one, even by 11 points. Isn't this dangerous for the engine in the sense that it could detonate? , can I feel comfortable if I upload this map? Another question what type of fuel should I use for the unrestricted map 98 octane 100 octane or 95 to avoid detonations in the pistons. Another question, my bike has a BMC full arrow exhaust air filter, this unrestricted map already has a good amount of fuel for this configuration. And finally, once the ECU has been reprogrammed, does the immobilizer function remain? I'm sure I have more questions about it, I'll keep posting them here Luca from Italy


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    this is the third gear advance map or am I wrong

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    We give you access to the manufacturers data in the ECU, How you use it is up to you. We are not a tune shop and your questions are suited for a tune shop.

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    Thanks for the reply, I will evaluate how to proceed, certainly the original base files are a good point of reference for making comparisons, my question was to try to understand why the map without restrictions was set up in this way, however I congratulations to you because the installation was quite simple including the programming of the ecu, it would be nice to have a basic guide on the tuning items. Thanks again

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