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Hello... I flashed my bike with the unrestricted map with the power commander fuel map. I have an Akro carbon/stainless full exhausted with the AES delete. I randomly get a P2138 code.... Accelerator POS Sensor Voltage Correlation. Bike will shut off, CEL comes on, turn the key off and then on bike starts up and runs fine with CEL on. Any ideas?


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    Go to the Diagnostic Code Manager in the ECU Settings section of your file, and make sure that the box for P2138 Accel Pos Sensor Voltage Correlation is unchecked, then flash the file into your ECU.

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    @kento_ftecu Is this a code that should normally be turned off?

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 460Staff User
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    Normally no, but because you have PC maps in the file, their values are different from the OEM/FTECU values, and the TPS numbers often cause the ECU to trigger an error code. We're seeing this happen often with users who have uploaded PC maps into a flashed file.

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    @kento_ftecu thanks for the info! Would recommend that I change my tune and not use the downloaded power commander map? Is there a FTecu tune that would work better? Sorry if this is nube question haha this is my first FTecu tuned bike and I'm still learning. Thanks again for the help!

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 460Staff User

    You can always try the unrestricted file that works with your ECU part number to see how that works. If you don't think it works as well as the PCV-migrated file, you can always go back.

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