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FZ 07 2015, Yoshi exhaust and DNA air box

I have a full Yoshi exhaust and a DNA airfilter, when flashing the ECU can you put mutiple fuel maps on it or can it only be one. I have a power comander fule map that is for the yoshi but only the stock air filter with snorkle removed. how should I write the fule map so it is the DNA air filter and Yoshi Exhaust?

IS there a better fule map?



  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 637Staff User

    You can only write one file into the ECU at a time. You can try importing the PC maps into an unrestricted file to see how that works first. Or you can try the straight unrestricted file without the PC maps imported.

  • Posts: 2Verified User

    If I have a tune with a different brand full exhaust and a dna air box tune, is that bad? The tune works all but I have a Yoshi and the tune is for a akrapovic exhaust. Is there a big difference between these two in performance?

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 637Staff User

    There shouldn't be that much of a difference between the two. Only if you're interested in squeezing out that last one hp will you need to go to a dyno tune.

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