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2012 R6 - o2 disabled throws code 43, 50 13S-8591A-H0(US)

bebobberampbebobberamp Posts: 5Verified User

Hey guys,

Having a problem with disabling the o2 sensor on a 2012 R6.

o2 disabled and disconnected - throws code 43

o2 disabled and connected - throws code 43

o2 enabled and disconnected - throws code 43

o2 enabled and connected - No codes

running the diagnostic code (09) for the associated code reveals that when it is throwing the code 43, the ECU isn't recognizing any voltage being ran to the fuel pump (but, multimeter on the fuel pump connector reads consistent 12v, normal operation). With the o2 sensor enabled (No code), diagnostic code 09 reads normal at 12v.

Found a thread of someone that had the same problem, yet no conclusion. Do I need to terminate the o2 sensor connector somehow? Is my ECU fried?

Confused to why, as the wiring diagram doesn't indicate any association (except shared power from the switch?) between the fuel pump/pump relay and the o2 sensor.


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    There is an issue with those bikes. Leave the O2 set to ENABLE then clear the fault code in your dash. After that even running the bike with no O2 you won't have an issue as long as the option is set to ENABLE.


    Jason A.

  • bebobberampbebobberamp Posts: 5Verified User

    Brilliant, not sure why I didn't think to try that. No code, o2 pulled, running a hellova lot smoother, and appears to be staying out of closed loop. Thank you for your time!


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    Glad I could help! Cheers!


    Jason A.

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