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After flash with new ftecu Software qs/autoblip stopped working

After I updated my FTECU to the latest software and reflashed my ECU (only change I made was to a/b/c modes throttle by wire. My quickshifter and autoblipper stopped working. Anyone else have this happening?

2018 GSX-R 1000

q/s autoblip purchased from ftecu.


  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    We're checking into this.

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    You are using a restricted file. Are you sure you enabled your R features in the file when you flashed it?

  • Yes R Features are enabled I'll reflash again but they are enabled and i'm able to set the QS in the console.

  • Re-flashed with an old un-restricted file i first used last year and it works now. I also replaced the T.O. sensor so not sure which one was the problem but its working. Thanks

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    Glad you were able to get it working. The problem with 3rd party restricted files is there's not much we can do with regards to troubleshooting because they are locked, and often the actual file number is deleted because someone renames the file.

  • Honestly have no clue how I selected a thrid party restricted file, I've always selected your un-restricted files as a baseline and made changes from there.... in any case thanks for seeing that and giving me the update info.

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