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Yamaha can't connect to my ECU Posts: 35Verified User

At my last service the dealer couldn't connect to my ECU. There is now a software update needed for the data logger on my R1M.

I'm screwed aren't I.


  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 657Staff User

    You can save any files you need, then just have the dealer reset the ECU to OEM stock form, then have them flash the update. Then you can go back and flash the ECU as if it was a brand new ECU.

  • Thank you.

    They can do that even through they could not connect to it on the last attempt?

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 657Staff User

    They should have a reset flash file as far as I know.

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    Would my licence still work after this?

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 657Staff User

    Yes, but it will be like you are flashing an ECU for the first time.

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    Just hope they allow me on to their wi-fi then. Don't fancy doing a flash over 4G or riding home with all those error codes! 😂

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    Yamaha cannot reset my ecu as their software is locked out.

    All research I have done points to having to send it to you to be unlocked.

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    Any comment?

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    We are unable to take any ECU's in to be "unlocked". Are they able to connect and read any codes from the bike? If they are able to do that they should be able to do anything else to it. An ECU flash has nothing to do with the Yamaha CCU. Are they connecting to the CCU itself to update it?


    Jason A.

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    When Yamaha last had the bike they said they were unable to connect at all. The bike would not even run whilst they were plugged in.

    Interesting thought on the CCU. Nobody has cosidered if i just that that requires the update. Even Yamaha Technical when we discussed it.

    I'll look in to that. Thanks.

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