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Active tune instructions, like all your instruction SUCK...sorry! Posts: 1Verified User

I have tried to activate my product code every which way possible and it wont take. I cant tell you how frustrating this is. Does the code have to be in all CAPS? How can we tell if a O in an 0 or and o. Why do you not put a small piece of paper in the damn box saying before you do anything please take these steps. This is freaking crazy. The R1 has two O2 sensors. All you say is remove the stock O2 sensors. Not you are not going to need the stock O2 sensor, so you are going to need to put a plug in the right one. Oh and dont worry about unplugging the right one and having an empty plug under your tank because it wont effect your bike. Oh and these are the steps you need to take if your code is ever excepted by our website. Come on guys. U have great products, but you cant expect everyone to know how to do this shit. I am pretty savey when it comes to this stuff and the fact that I have to come here and ask for help over something that should be very simple is very frustrating. If there is a step by step on how to use this Active tune on your website I cant find it. It certainly is not in the downloads. And please dont tell me , Well we made a video of it on youtube...really!!! Did you make a video of why your wedsite wont except the code. The fact that I would have to watch a video and cant just read a simple step by step directions, like all other company products is kinda ridiculous. I had to make a Video of how use your software because there are no good instructions and its no coincidence that all the comment are "Thank you for making this because I cant find any good info on how to use this software...that is not good fellas. Again, your products are awesome, why not take the time to make instructions that are just as awesome.


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