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When Does the Lambda Controller Begin Heating the 02 sensor?

Failed my first 02 sensor in under a year...No race fuels, only 93 octane(US). Called Bosch, they claim 90% of premature failures are due to 02 sensor heating problems. If the 02 sensor is allowed to heat, before the engine reaches a significant temp, then the moisture on the sensor will cause it to crack while heating (its ceramic)... Bosch claims a 10 year life for these sensors...

Just wondering how the Active Tune Lambda Controller controls heating. Is it instant, right at power up(key on)? Does it look for the run/stop switch to be in run? Is the heating PI or PID controlled or just on/off or linear?

Basically, if it is heating as soon as the key is turned on, then its going to fail early consistently, per Bosch REP...

My Super Cheap Solution: Cut heater power wire(+) at 02 sensor. Install switch in the wire break. This way I can wait for the bike to reach at least 120F before turning the 02 heater on...


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    The A-tune sequence used in the controller follows Bosch's recommendations.

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