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Importing PCV corrections into FTECU, 16 R1 Posts: 3Verified User

After running the bike with FTECU and PCV with AT succesfully for 4 years I thought I would tidy it all up and import the PCV into the FTECU. I run exup valve and 02 eliminators...........I cannot set closed loop to disable and run the exup valve (it throws exup valve fault)

It all looks well when I import the PCV adjustments, I even checked with a calculator some of the various percentages, all looked good even the blending in about 4% up throttle and 3% down throttle on the fuel map.

Riding the bike after the import with also AF display showed the fuelling still away from where I set it, so imported another set of corrections and then it started going pear shaped, first it would want to add around 10-15% more fuel, so I let it add that (PCV), it then went megga rich (10-1) and wanted 10-15% fuel taking out, it then ran megga lean (16-1) and both of these could be really felt with the bike holding back, but it was sporadic, ok for 10 minutes and then either megga rich or megga lean

I reloaded the std FTECU fuel map and the PCV adjustments and all is well again

So what happening? Is it jumping form TPS-RPM to MAP-RPM or is there some kind of check sum going on almost as if the fuel map alteration is fighting closed loop (but they have 02 eliminators in place)


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    The power commander should be thought of as dumb crude device as it can only modify the primary injectors at low speeds, at higher rpm when the secondaries kick in the power commander cannot compensate for those. The Active tune system monitors and adjust both primary and secondary injectors.

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