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HELLO I encounter a problem of downloading for a case of MT09 case number BS2-8591-00 at the moment I have to download the cartography a message is displayed in the following way (FWE failure) then check FWE I encounter the problem for several days can you help me thanks in advance!



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    What ECU part number do you have?

    What part number file are you attempting to flash?

    What harness type and number are you using?


    Jason A,

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    Hello, My ECU has the number BS2-8591A-00, I already flashed the file "17-18 MT09 - BS2-8591A-00 (EU) StockECU" once, impossible a second time after my modifications of cartography. I use the BNHA16 harness. I do not know if this is important but on the site in the list of my licenses, for this license used, it is marked "14-15 FZ09" gold is not what I have flashed the first time. Thank you

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    You have a connection issue with the red wire on your bench harness. Please check it carefully.

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