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License issue in ZX 10 Posts: 15Verified User

Hi Jason , 

I want to update the ESU for licenses that I already bought.

But when I want to update the software asks me for a new license.

Why do I need to buy a new license and not using the existing one that I have already bought?

I have 5 licenses that I bought from you, below you can find the list of the licenses:

0BC0435D 12/11/2020 2019 ZX-10rf lash init

B2FDFF93 08/13/2020 2016 ZX-10r confirmed

D01DDAEB 05/08/2020 2016 ZX-10 rconfirmed

E4AFD835 09/11/2020 2019 ZX-10r confirmed

C02B4C0A 12/31/2020 2019 ZX-10r confirmed




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    I see what was wrong, your license was in an "attempted" status. I have now reset it for you. Please reflash the ECU and re-marry it to the license.


    Jason A.

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