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Is the FTECU QS sensor NO or NC Posts: 4Verified User

I am trying to flash my 2014 R6 again, with the Graves file for full system, stock filter.

I just purchased the push/pull ftecu quickshifter and have it plugged in as a pull sensor, connected to the ecu with a type 7 harness.

For the configuration in the software, do I set the sensor type as NO or NC? I couldn't find anything on the sensor description that said what it was.

Also, if i ever switch to using it as a push sensor, does that change if its NO/NC or is that fully based on the sensor itself?



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    I was able to find that it's NO from another source. Tried it and tested. Upshifts nice and smooth with no clutch, so I'm guessing all is good.

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    Yes the sensor is normally open (NO) so it closes the circuit when it completes a shift. If you switch from using Push or Pull it will always be normally open (NO).


    Jason A.

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