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2019 ZX6R (US) Check Engine Light (coolant temp sensor malfunction) after Graves Flash


I've got an interesting situation here. I flashed a Graves Motorsports tune via bike side harness. Upon initial start up, bike ran and idled fine, but now presents a check engine light for Code 14, which is coolant temperature sensor malfunction. Graves tune has the "ECT/USB Error" drop down set to "DISABLE" by default. I do remember trying to crank the bike with the harness still plugged into the computer, which may have set something off. I disconnected the harness, disconnected the battery, waited 24 hours, then reconnected battery, re-flashed the ECU, and still showing the check engine light. Bike reads coolant temps just fine, and fans kick on/off at the correct temps. Phone support said to ride the bike for 10 or so miles to see if the light resets. Can't ride the bike, as there is still ice in my driveway, but wondering what else I can use to diagnose or clear the code. The flash disables/grays out use of the "diagnostic" feature when looking at the "device" window. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you


  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 680Staff User

    The "diagnostic" feature in the Tuning Suite is not for ECU error codes; that feature is there to help with flash hardware troubleshooting.

    We've been told that some error codes will reset after riding the bike for some miles. But we'd suggest getting our OBDII harness adapter and an OBD reader to be sure of resetting the code.

  • Thank you very much! I will be sure to do so after buttoning up some more items! I appreciate the input!

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