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Wire slipped out of pin

Good afternoon,

I ordered my bike side tuner from Revzilla and installed it on my FZ-07. After inserting all 3 pins, I did a light tug test on all three wire to ensure they were locked in the connector. Unfortunately the orange wire pin wasn’t crimped good enough and the wire slipped out of the pin. Now I have a loose wire and a pin stuck in my ECU connector with no way of extracting the pin. Anything to remedy this issue? Also, once I get the pin out, I will most likely need a new pin to re-pin the wire and re-insert it into the connector.



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    Unlock the pins by pushing the two white plastic locking tabs on the top of the connector. Then get a very thin metal pick, and carefully push the pin out the back until you can see enough metal in the rear of the connector to grab and pull it out with a set of needle-nose pliers. Carefully check that you haven't dislodged any neighboring pins in the process, and then push on the opposite sides of the white plastic locking tabs to lock the pins in place. Email us at with your shipping address.

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    Got it sorted and tuned the bike. Thanks.

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    Found these tips useful. Thank you.

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