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2014 R6 Bench Harness and Quickshifter - ECU Pin 21 conflict Posts: 4Verified User

2008-2015 R6 Programming Harness (Harness Type 3)

Quickshifter Harness (Type 1)

I installed and flashed using the programming harness a few years ago and haven't touched it since (used Graves tune which was supplied in the software).

I recently got the push/pull quickshifter from ftecu to add to the system. The instructions say to attach the green wire and pin into the ECU coupler at location 21. But location 21 already has the orange wire from the flashing harness instructions.

What am i supposed to do at this point? Or do I have the wrong quickshifter to use with the flashing harness?


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    After doing some more digging, it seems I DO have the "optional" quickshifter harness connector, but that harness doesn't match my quicksifter unit wires because i guess that's designed to be plugged into the ecu directly?

    If the ftecu push/pull sensor can be connected to the harness that I already have, is there an adapter wire or something I can purchase or exchange for? I can provide pictures if needed.

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 657Staff User

    The Type 1 QS harness is intended for use with bikes that do not have the FTECU Bike-side flashing harness installed. You need the Type 7 QS harness, which is made for bikes with the bike-side flashing harness installed.

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    Would you upload the installation file for Type 7 QS harness? It is not available to review

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 657Staff User

    The Type 7 QS harness simply plugs into the bike-side ECU harness connector.

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    Thank you

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