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Wont start after flash

Hello every one!

I'm new came to here,apologize for my english.

My custmer who ride 2019 Tracer 900 GT,when I reflash with B1J-8591A-10(US),originol is B1J-8591A-40

When finished,it's showing complete,but wont start up!

Error code is P0606 and P062F,I tried many times,cant solved the problem.

The engine warning light is always on.

Is any one meet this ever?


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    If you want to get rid of those codes you uncheck them in your Diagnostic Code Manager then reflash the ECU.

    You always want to make sure you flash your ECU with the matching part number file, unless instructed otherwise from someone here. Is your bike a European or US model?


    Jason A.

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