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R1 Graves file. Posts: 10Verified User

Hi all.

I am upgrading my R1 2CR 2016 to R1 BX4 2017.

I will be swapping my Yoshimura Race Alpha 3/4 exhaust to my 2017 EU model. 

My question is, I love the Graves flash so much on my 2016 can I still use (Graves Exhaust Cat Eliminator file 2CR-8591A-00 EU) on a 2017 with ECU number BX4-8591A-10.

Thanks Garry. 


  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    Unfortunately you cannot use a 2CR file with a BX4 ECU.

    However, Graves has a cat eliminator exhaust file for a BX4-10 ECU. Why not just use that?

  • Posts: 10Verified User

    Hi thanks, I did see that file although i live in England and I noticed the Graves BX4 file has US at the end.

    So is it ok to use that file in EU.?

    Thanks Garry.

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    Yes, you just need to make sure that the "US Harness Config" feature is set to FALSE. This is because the ignition sequence order is different between markets.

  • Posts: 10Verified User

    Oh cheers, great that’s good news.

    Thanks for your help.

  • frekkefrekke Posts: 5Verified User

    Garry, did it work? I want to use the same file on my EU model but im afraid to mess up the immobilizer.

  • Posts: 10Verified User

    Hi, I didn’t buy the BX4 in the end, I got my hands on another 2CR with only 500 miles on the clock.

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