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MT09 bench harness issue

I got issue when reflash it with bench harness, after finshing the job, software issued: ECU imaged invalid, but ECU still work well without fault code or issue.

I tried many times, but same issue. The ecu p/n is same as download file.



  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    What is the file number and your ECU number?

    Did you make any changes to the file you were trying to flash? The software is not letting you flash that file because there is a mismatch with your ECU.

  • Posts: 7Verified User

    It is 2BS-85910A-00, correct file.

    The file is from Ftecu, I did not change it anything out of your software.

    Today, I worked with Suzuki 32920-01H10, same issue

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    In checking your flash history log, it appears you have a hardware issue that is causing the flash to fail. The reason the ECUs continue to work is because the flash was never performed. Please check your harnesses with a continuity tester.

  • Posts: 7Verified User

    I checked the harnesses and interface, it still work well, so how??

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 604Staff User

    The "Invalid ECU Image" error message is basically saying that there is something wrong with the file you are trying to flash into the ECU. Whether the file is corrupted somehow in your process between retrieving it from the File Manager and attempting to flash it into the ECU (the file in the database is not corrupted, as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of successful flashes of that file without any issues reported from other users) or you or someone else is making changes to the file before flashing, the basic problem is that there is something wrong with the file, so the flash is never completed.

    In looking over your flash history, you have many error messages related to hardware or file mismatch/corruption issues on many different bikes. This indicates that there is a definite problem in your flash hardware system, including perhaps the computer you are using.

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