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YZF R3 B2X-H591A-00 ECU Posts: 1Verified User
 There is an issue where the flash is not completed because the ECU code is not identified. 

 I am flashing a 2023 YZF R3 model by purchasing a benchkit with BNHA19 data cable. However, when I try to flash it with an unrestricted map (BR5-H591A-00), an error occurs in the final ECU writing process and the flash fails as a result. 

 I think it could be because my bike's ECU code is B2X, but the flash map is BR5. 
 However, there does not seem to be a flash map suitable for B2X type in the ECU list. 

 Of course, there is a possibility that I purchased the wrong data cable. 
 Please let me know how I can solve this problem. 

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