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2019 Zx-10r Activetune problem "awaiting lambda controler" Posts: 11Verified User
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I just installed the activetune kit for my 2019 ZX-10r. I double checked the instructions and all the connections on the bike, however every time I try to live view it says "waiting on lambda hardware" and it never starts showing A/f ratios. What could be causing this?


  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 534Staff User

    There is a connection issue with the lambda controller hardware or the O2 sensor. Check all wiring to make sure they are fully seated into the connectors.

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    I triple and quadruple checked all the connections including the sensor in the exhaust. I called and Joe said its server related, but I dont see how that is as I can flash the ECU just fine. And connection to the server is a green light.

  • chrisgardellchrisgardell Posts: 45Staff User

    please also check sensor calibration..

    If you pull the sensor out of the bike it should read 20:1 in free air and 10:1 in butane (from an unlit bic style lighter).

    If the sensor never recives a signal in the working range it wont ever start using the feedback.

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    It isn't reading anything no matter what I do. The flash works it gets enabled, but when I open the AFR monitor or take it for a ride it just says "Waiting on lambda hardware" From the looks of it either the sensor or lambda controller deal is defective. Do you think its fair to ask for a replacement at this point?

  • chrisgardellchrisgardell Posts: 45Staff User

    You would get that same message if it were a bad ground... Respectfully, I would like to better troubleshoot the issue before throwing money at it, especially considering every single unit gets tested here in the last production step.

    Just to be clear when checking the sensor

    1) remove sensor from pipe and install a plug in the hole

    2) monitor sensor readings with bike running and sensor out of the exhaust stream (live correction mode off)

    If the bike isn't running it also wont power the sensor and what you are seeing would be expected.

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    Thanks for your response. I checked the ground numerous times before reassembling the bike insuring I followed the instructions outlined on the FTECU website, as well as making sure the ground wire had a tight fit and good metal to metal contact. I made a video of exactly what happens when I open the AFR monitor with the sensor out of the bike in open air and bic butane lighter. As you can see in the video its the same result. Also I would like to add I noticed the sensor in the exhaust starts getting hot even before the engine is started.

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    Something else i also noticed is that the software generates an entire new flashtune file usally named "ActiveTune (random number)" every time you open the AFR monitor. It does this regardless of how you pull up the AFR monitor. For example Ill have 2019 Zx-10r unrestricted map with ActiveTune enabled, Ill flash it then when I try to open AFR another file named "Activetune 02098881" will be generated and that will be automatically selected as the current file.

  • chrisgardellchrisgardell Posts: 45Staff User

    kent will be reaching out to you today..

  • chrisgardellchrisgardell Posts: 45Staff User

    That is expected behavior.

    With older versions the user was responsible for making sure the file they had open and the file the that was in the ECU matched. otherwise you would be reading trims into a file that they potentially weren't made for.

    Starting since July, we store a copy of your last wrote file for any given license number and when downloading trims we automatically make sure they are loaded into the last file you wrote.

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    Thank you sir, Looking forward to speaking with him. Hopefully we can get this resolved.

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    I was never reached out to by him. Can you please have him reach out to me tomorrow.

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 534Staff User

    Armin, check your email please.

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    Oh my bad I saw it now it went in my spam folder. Thank you.

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    I already sent an email, but the replacement Lambda controller didn't fix the issue. Seems to be doing the same thing. This is after I removed the old controller and installed the new one.

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 534Staff User


    Please record a data session with the engine running and the sensor out of the exhaust (replaced by a plug). Do the calibration test with open air, and then the Bic lighter. We need to see the data from that test. Thanks.

  • I too am having the same issue on a 2015 Ninja H2, it just endlessly says "waiting for lambda hardware " any idea what else i should look at , I've checked all the connectors & made sure the ground is good, ECU will flash fine but the lambda just won't do anything. Does it matter if the O2 sensor is turned on or off ? doesnt seem to make a difference either way.

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    I have the same problem on yamaha R1 2016

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    I have the same issue with a 2019 MT-10 - Would love to use Active Tune, but as of now, it is not working.

    There are no good instruction anywhere. Making a active tune file does no help, and again there are no instructions anywhere to understand what is what.

    The connection to your servers or API connection to be specific just went down also in the middle of me taking it back to active, and my bike is useless....... not very happy. I cannot connect to the software to upload to my ECU. It has been great, but these issues need fixed.

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