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2016 H2 can't see the AUTO BLIPPER menu. Posts: 1Verified User
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In the 2015 and 2017 KAWASAKI NINJA H2, the 'AUTO BLIPPER' menu appears on the program, but why doesn't the 2016 KAWASAKI NINJA H2 have the 'AUTO BLIPPER' menu? I'm going to buy 'AUTO BLIPPER KIT', does it activate on the program if I buy it? And I want to use all the up-down quickshifts. If I buy AUTO BLIPPER KIT, is it all up and down? If not possible, is it possible to up-down if I buy another QS sensor for AUTO BLIPPER KIT? I'll be waiting for your answer. THANK YOU.


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    Thank you for pointing this out, I will pass this information on to R&D

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