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Tune file for straight pipes on 2007 R6? Posts: 1Verified User
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I'm new to all this, so bear with me. I have an M4 midpipe (deletes cats) with "stock" headers and a Graves megaphone slip-on (basically straight pipes) on a 2007 R6. I ran it for a bit without a tune, and when cold it was hard to start, and all in all ran like garbage. So I just got my FTECU cable and installed the software, but I'm having a hard time finding the best tune file for me.

I decided to go with the Graves full exhaust file and flashed my ECU last night, but I haven't been able to try it out yet and won't for a few weeks. Just doing some research in the meantime to figure out if there is a better option out there for me? Not trying to do a custom dyno tune, just need a good basis to start with so the bike doesn't run lean and I can get the most out of it's current setup.

Is the Graves full exhaust file I started with good enough, or should I tweak it or try something different?


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    You picked a good place to start. You will not be able to modify the Graves file, as they lock out the fuel mapping, (protects their hard dyno time work). If you find that it does not meet your needs you can always contact a dealer from our dealers tab at and see if they can offer you a tune.

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