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VERY IMPORTANT: What to do if your bike won't run and is flashing error codes

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We've been having quite a few instances of customers flashing the wrong file into their Yamaha FZ/MT-07 and ending up with a non-running motorcycle that is showing numerous error codes. You need to double-check to make sure that the file you're going to flash has the exact same part numbers as your ECU; we have multiple files for each year that are for different countries, so don't just see "2018 Yamaha MT-07" and think that it's for your bike. If you flash the wrong file into your ECU, you cause a major write error in the ECU that triggers error codes that don't exist, and you end up with a non-running motorcycle. And unlike other error codes, you can't simply have your dealer reset them.

You will need to "reset" your ECU by flashing our specific reset file into your ECU first, then flashing a new correct file immediately afterward. We will have the reset file available on the server soon, but in the meantime, please post on the forum and we'll email the file to you.




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    Hi Kent i just sent you an email I just got a ecu with this problem, my customer brought the ecu to another tuner, tha het flashed it with a wrong file. now what have i to do? Label on ecu: 1XB-8591A-00. I need to flash it with a reset file before? Thanks for your support

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    I have emailed the reset file to you. Please flash that file first before flashing the correct FT file.



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    PLEASE NOTE: This post and thread is for the Yamaha FZ/MT-07 only. Please do not hijack the thread with issues pertaining to other motorcycles. Please start your own thread in the proper category. Thank you.

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    Hi I believe this might be the problem I'm having. I flashed the 2RC-8591A-10 (EU) instead of the (US) one. I realized the mistake and was able to flash the correct one onto it. My bike still runs and doesn't have any error codes but none of the tuning changes I make now have any effect on the motorcycle even though it flashes fine when I make changes. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Not sure what you mean by "none of the tuning changes I make now have any effect on the motorcycle"?

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    Hi Kent,

    I seem to be having this issue. I was not aware of this issue until today, as my previous maps have all worked fine until today when I got this multiple error code issue. previously I have had a single error code issue where part of the map did not write correctly and I was instructed to use a reset map that was sent to me.

    • Today I tweaked my map and re flashed and got the multiple error code issue.
    • re flashed with the Reset map FT sent me.
    • then tried to flash my old map and got an error that my license is not in a usable state, and it asks me to re-purchase a licence.

    I seem to be stuck on this last step. please help me, I'm stressing a bit here.

    I had a similar issue a few weeks ago with a customers map where I had to use the reset map and then it was saying licence not usable and asked to purchase a licence again, but after a few tries it just worked. But mine is stuck.

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    Kent, for example; When I disable the engine decel on the tuning program it doesn't have any effect.

    I road the bike after tuning and the first time I slowed down there was no engine brake, but it reverted back to having engine braking shortly after.


  • Posts: 4Verified User I am hoping you can help me. (see my post above) I tried calling but could not get through. Maybe reset my licence so I can try again.


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    Finally got it sorted, took a few tries over a few days to get through on the phone, I had to get up at 2am (my local time) get you guys as soon as you open. But Joe reset my licence and and all was good again.

    Thanks Joe for the help on the phone and fixing it for me.

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    Hi Kent Could you please send reset file for my MT07 2018 ECU B34-8591A-00 I have a problem with it quick shifter and I made a mistake when installing an incorrect file. I'm sorry Kent. I can't make the Quick shifter work. Now I have 2 problems. Thanks

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