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Having a hard time unlocking the backing plate for Bike-Side harness Posts: 4Verified User
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Zx6R 2013 here. So it's what the title says, I have seen the sheet with instructions and although it pretty much says that you can unlock the tabs of the black connector along with a picture, I haven't been able to take apart the connector. The tabs looks like they are no longer in the holes, however I can't move the outer part to the front so the red sealings are exposed.

I'd attach a pic but is pretty much step 1 with the exception that the tabs are no longer in the holes, it looks like the part with the holes is resting on top of the tabs but can't move it anywhere.

I'm leaving using more strength trying to pull out that part as a last option since to me it feels like I'm missing something

If anyone can point me to better instructions or tips would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance


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    I finally was able to pull it off, however there must be something weird because the connector was damaged a bit due the strength I had to use

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