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In General the support window for defining new files for ECU's is 10 years, so If your ecu is over 10 years old R&D will not support defining new files for it. Existing defined files in the file manager of the software will continue to be supported, we just will not accept mailed in ecu for defining. Of course we will manage exceptions if your bike is an extremely popular model etc..


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    Hi I have bought the bench programming kit for a 16 model yxz1000r , could you tell me what adapter harness is needed to do on car reflash or do you need to by a complete kit again , it looks like on your website there is one but not sure which one it is , could you give me the part number of the correct one needed

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    There are two kits available, one for the Fuel injection and one for the transmission. The bike side harnesses on the site are as follows, 4pin type 1 is for the fuel injection ecu and the 4pin type 8 is for the transmission mcu.

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