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So I purchased the Active Tune, Graves Full Exhaust, Bike Side harness

I was able to connect and enabled the Active Tune. I am learning.

The biggest thing I have learned if you do everything right you haven't learned anything (troubleshooting).

In the process I had several files on the left and I removed a bunch trying to clean up what I am seeing and I accidently removed the wrong one.

So NOW I am trying to go back in and continue improving everything. (or at least learn more).

Well now I go in and and it tells me "No Registered ECU Found. Would you like to purchase a new License for this ECU?"

ECU hasn't changed (physically). I just removed the side file tree (and didn't save any of them.)

I used the file manager and got the unrestricted file for my ECU (BAT-8591A-60(US)).

I thought if I just read the ECU it would pull from it and I would continue but not the case for it tells me

"Failed to Connect to ECU. This ECU type is not natively readable. Be aware that read attempts will fail with this ECU type unless this ECU has already been flashed with your account."

it has been flashed. So I press ok and it just sits there with "Requesting ECU ID..."

I messed up... can you help?


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    Not sure if this is the case for you, but seeing how you got a confirmed write the next day I suspect it is. Once you have a successful write you need to disconnect the tuning cable and power from the ecu before you do the next write, this effectively closes out the writing session in the ecu.

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    So the short answer is that the wire was damaged (Newbie issue).

    Repaired the wire and all is good :)

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    Glad you got things worked out.

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