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Evening all, I have tried a few settings changes on the pit lane limiter but can't seem to nail it down. It's very abrupt on default settings and as much as I change the settings it remains the same. If you could let me have a copy of the settings this would be great.

Regards Steve


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    Can you please list for me the file yo are working in.

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    I did read through the forums and found that one or two ecu model codes didnt seem to activate the pit limiter.

    I think im now running this one. 17-19 GSXR1000 - 32920-17K00(EU) un reestricted. I have wired the switch through the ex valve control.

    I did play with the settings on the bench, but i couldt smooth her out. I tried settings on the dyno, but this made it worse. I have tried riding her on the road, but gave up. its terrible.

    Map is good , bike is great , pit limiter needs work.


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