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Hi FT support. I have a 2017 XSR 700, flashed your unrestricted tune which in this case my only option was labeled as a 2018 file version, in case that matters here.

I have successfully read the OBD diagnostic harness with a systec can to serial device and I am only seeing 6 can IDs streaming data, one that I can say for sure is rpm, the others I haven't figured out yet. Regardless because this is working I am sure the pinout is correct at this point. It does seem weird there is only 6 can IDs, you would think there would be a dozen or so at least given all the data the ECU uses to run the engine.

My problem is when trying to use various OBD dongles, non of them recognize the OBD protocol. So I can't datalog and tune how I want until I get this working. I've been trying to figure this out for a good 4 months now and I'm in need of help. I could datalog the 6 raw can data lines and convert in Excel but that's a pain in the ass considering we have the technology to not have to do that. This is the first vehicle that's given me such trouble to tune.

I saw on this forum, an FTECU rep saying that sometimes the flash causes issues, so I flashed the stock map but it made no difference. What's going on here? How can I get an OBD connector to work like normal? Is it possible the tune did mess up the ECU and if so what can be done about it?


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    It is a strong possibility your 2017 was actually built in 216 which is before the obd compliant mandate so standard obd scanners will not work. The Yamaha scanner will work.

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