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Quickshifter/Auto Blipper stopped working. Posts: 5Verified User

I've had my quick shifter and auto blipper installed for a couple years now and its worked great (as far as I know, i've owned the bike for only one of those), Recently my bikes battery died, its a smart lithium battery so Idk if this was really the cause, but the timing was impeccable so I figured I'd bring it up.

Anyways, I went for a ride and neither the auto blipper nor the quick shifter works as it should, at around 4k RPMs and above, it all stops working; When it's below those RPMs it works sorta "fine", but I'm never gonna be shifting at those RPMs. I can occasionally get the blipper to go but its like one in every 15 tries, mainly only working at 1-4k RPMs. Like i said though, when trying to go at super low RPMs it seems to trigger. I have the linkages parallel, and I haven't made any changes to the setup from when it worked properly for years. So far to troubleshoot, I've tried moving where the linkages sit, re-flashing my ECU with the same flash file (Graves full system file + QSS enabled. + Auto Blip enabled.), I've tried checking the two shift sensor plugs for continuity, idk if I wasn't able to get contact with the plugs with my multimeter but its just an open loop. I mean it will attempt to blip/rev when shifting with my clutch by not letting the RPM's settle (making the system thinks it needs to rev match), so its definitely not an open loop, I probably just wasn't getting contact with the connections with my multimeter probes. Anyways, I can do more troubleshooting myself but I figured I'd come here first so I know what to look for. I've yet to touch the installation setup from when it was originally done, and it's worked with that installation... I have a feeling it may have just put itself to sleep.

Last to note, where the wire goes into the main sensor in the linkage, it was not sealed, the black wire sleeve had pulled out and the two internal wires were exposed by a millimeter or so (Not bare wire, just the main black wire sleeve was no longer in the sensor hole?, ended up putting a little silicone around it just in case water decides to find a way in it....idk lol.

Running Standard Shift, also made sure the shift sensor plugs were plugged in still, again though, have yet to touch the installation setup, 1 week ago this all worked.


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    Forgot to mention, this is for a Yamaha 2017 FZ-10. I feel like its probably the sensor but It hurts (for me lol) to drop another $220 on a new sensor, which would be a gamble either way. I suppose I could pull it all apart and go through re-seating all connections.

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    You can send it in for testing if you think it may be bad.

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