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Because I have problem with reflash FZ1 ( I have Fail error : no response ) on my first interface, I want to try reflash this ECU on my second interface ( I buy 2 interfaces for any case ;) ) ..

When I go to folder LICENSES in my account and when I go to this license (9F846FFB) I see option : transfer to and email ...

I can write there my second email where I have registered second interface and then try to flash on second cable ? :) Or transfer new ( not used ) licens to MY SECOND account with second interface ?


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    License transfer is used to transfer ownership of your ECU to another registered user, say to your tuner when you drop you bike off at the dyno shop.. in which case you would want to make sure they transfer it back when their done..

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    OK :) . Its fine for me .. I just want try my second interface and find the problem ..

    So .. I can transfer ONE license to my second account and try reflash this transfered ECU in second interface .. and when I check i can transfer it back to first cable .. YES :) ??

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    If both interfaces are attached to the same account then no transfer is needed and you will be able to simply use them interchangeably. Otherwise, you would need to transfer between the account interface A is registered and interface B is registered..

    The licensing heirachy is:

    1) Account - an account can use any interface registered to it our any license associated with them

    2) Interface - multiple interfaces can be registered to the same account and they can be used interchangeably

    3) ECU license - each interface comes with one ECU License but any license in an account can be used with and interface registered to that account. this licesnse may be transferred between users though the website.

    4) Feature Codes - feature codes aren't normally required except to enable specific features within an ECU, they associate with a particular ECU license and transfer with that license in the case of a license transfer.

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    Another question to above point 2) Interface:

    Is the interface transferable from one account to another one, in case of second hand purchase? I have sold my bike and I do not require that interface anymore. Of course the new owner of the interface would buy a new license for the same type ECU the interface is designed for.


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    Current interfaces are not transferrable although we will be looking into it in the future.

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    I have bought the data link bench ecu flashing kit..... now when i plug in my ecu, and go to device in the FTecu suite, and hit the active tune button, it say "This ECU with licennum ********* is registred to the following user ******** please contact the ovner for transfer request" the owner of that mail is the one that flashed my ecu for 2 year ago, isent that possible to have 2 licens on the samme ecu?

    Thanks :-)

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    You cannot have two licenses on the same ECU. Basically, if you want to keep the settings from the previous license, then you will have to contact that person to arrange a license transfer. If you don't care about the previous settings, then you simply use your bench flash kit to overwrite the previous license with your own license.

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    Ohh nice, i dont care… but how do i do i use my bench flash kit to overwrite previous license ??

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    When you hook up your bench flashing kit to the ECU, you must flash a file onto the ECU in order to use the tuning suite functions. Pick a file (make sure it matches your ECU part number) and click on Device>Write. Click "OK" when you see the prompt "This ECU with license number XXXXX is registered to....". You will then see a prompt asking you "Do you wish to overwrite this ECU with license XXXXX?" You click OK, and it begins the file writing process that overwrites the previous file. When finished, you should be able to see and use all the tuning suite functions.

    Be sure to follow all the writing process prompts carefully. When it asks to power on, be sure to do that, then click OK. Do not click OK before performing the procedure.

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    Thanks it worked perfectly :-)

  • kento_ftecukento_ftecu Posts: 776Staff User

    Glad to hear it! 👍️

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    Apologies for coming in late on this. One question, would you have to purchase a new bin file and then overwrite with that?

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    If you purchase a new flash kit or USB Data Link cable, a new flash license is included.

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    Advice please, as above. I have the cable due to tuning our team's R1's. It's therefore not a "new" cable with supplied BIN file. The previous tuner is reluctant to give me access to the bike's ECU without a financial reward. As this rider has bought the bike with the system fitted he is not keen to buy a new BIN with Autoblip . Is there not another way? I suggested the previous guy to put it back to standard and then transfer the ownership. Advice on how to proceed please

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    If the previous ECU file owner is reluctant to transfer to the license because of intellectual property (tuning), then yes, he can simply copy/paste the standard fuel maps from a standard unrestricted file and then transfer the license over to you. Or he can flash a new standard unrestricted file into the ECU, but you need to make sure that the Auto-Blip feature is enabled when he does.

    If the previous ECU owner refuses this option, there are no other choices. You will have to purchase a new flash license and Auto-Blip activation license.

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    Hi, @kento_ftecu

    I have sent an email to FTECU and posting the same content on this forum. I must admit I don't fully understand FTECU's licensing rules, and maybe someone at this forum can help me understand.

    I've had an bench interface laying around for years without using it. I found it by accident in a box and now I’m planning to sell the FTECU interface.

    I hooked up and tested the FTECU for a couple of days ago just to see if it's work before selling. I realized after a test write that maybe that was a *BIG* mistake. Now the FTECU interface is paired with my ECU :-(

    I have 3 questions:

    1) When I sell the interface, do I transfer the license to new buyer so they can flash their ECU?

    2)Or must the buyer of the interface purchase a license for their ECU?

    3) How can I "disconnect" pairing of my ECU from FTECU?

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    Once a datalink USB cable is registered to your email address it cannot be changed. That cable will forever be licensed to your email. Now anyone can use your cable as long as they have your login information for the FT account. No payment information is stored on your account so giving out your login is really no big deal. Transferring licenses does not transfer your USB registration.

    For example say you have a bike you are selling to John. You have your tuning kit but he does not own one. You can sell him your tuning kit with the bike but he would need your login information to use it. Or he can buy his own tuning kit and register it under his name. Once his kit is registered then you can transfer the ECU license to him so he has access to the tune in the ECU. If you don't transfer the license to him but he wants to make a change in the ECU he must start over with a new license and tune in the ECU.


    Jason A.

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    So if i sell my bike and cable and transfer the license, the buyer still cant use the cable? I wish this was apparent before i purchased as i wont be buying again fro Ftecu

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