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Clearing codes on 2015-2016 R1 using the dash Posts: 69Staff User
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The only way to clear codes is using the factory service method thru the dash. In order for that procedure to work you must have stock switches, (key switch, handle bar start/stop switch) and disconnect the connector to the fuel pump.

For 2015 & 2016 models: stat with main key switch off and the run/stop switch off.

1. Hold both Mode and upward motion button on left handlebar switch simultaneously while turning key from off to on position. Hold for 8 seconds. ECU image will appear on display.

2. press both buttons for 8 seconds until DIAG appears on screen. both buttons until DIAG Code number and message count number appear on screen.

4. Select DIAG code by pressing upward motion key until desired error code is displayed.

5. Select code 60 and clear by pressing the red run/stop switch on right handlebar on then off. Repeat this step for code 61, 62, and 63.

6. Turn key to off position. All error codes are now deleted.

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