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License Stuck in flash init status Posts: 7Verified User

I was performing a flash that got unexpectedly interrupted and upon trying to start the flash over again, it said there are no licenses present on my account. Upon checking my account online, it shows the license status as "flash init"

To get the customer up and running I decided to try purchasing another license, which has been charged for but now is not showing up in my account.

Is someone able to quickly resolve this issue on your end so I can complete this flash? I can deal with the additional purchased license later.



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    Are you able to read the ECU?

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    Im having same problem..but had no interventions while got to 100 then said couldnt verifty..been trying with other API exception error..then cant find the licence..somethings not right.

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    I get this Alert when trying to read ecu:

    Failed to connect to ECU

    This ecu type is not natively readable

    Be aware that read attempts will fail with this ecu type unless this ecu has already been flashed with your account.

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