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Cannot flash the ecu

Hello everyone, so i had this ft ecu harness for quite a while now but i never got it working i live in eu, i did the trouble shoot 5 times already everything checks out exception made for when i jump yellow and red wires and i turn on the ignition the fuel pump does a ticking sound for a couple seconds then stops i checked the wire but it’s in the correct position fully seated and locked in place not damaged or nothing like that the ground wire is in the spot that the instructions say and i sanded down the spot for maximum connectivity but when i go to the laptop it fails to write now could it be the laptop that’s not powerful enough? Or that I’m using hotspot connection? but if it is the yellow wire I don’t know how to solve it because it is in the 6th hole in 1st row fully seated but still does that ticking sound thank you all in advance.

Bike: 2021 mt07 eu

ecu number BAT-8591-A10

map used dynojet mt07 2021 dna air filter akrapovic exaust


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    To get your ECU to write we will need access to your ECU. Start the software and connect the USB to the computer and the bike. Select the map file you wish to flash and make all the adjustments to the map as needed. Unplug the ECU from the motorcycle harness and turn your ignition on. Under device select write ECU. Do not connect the ECU until the second key on message. It will load ECU image, then Checking ECU and prompt to assign a license. From there it will prompt to unplug the 6pin, then key off, then to connect the 6pin. No need to disconnect the 6 pin as we have the ECU unplugged. After it prompt to connect the 6pin it will prompt to keyon,that is when you will plug in the ECU and select ok. It should start to write the ECU after that.


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    What was the fix?

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    Corey, please try what Mike said. I walked you thru this on the phone but I may have not been as exact as Mike describes. let me know what happens.

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