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Flashed wrong ECU software? Posts: 2Verified User

Hi, I flashed my 2020 with the unrestricted file for 2020 ECU part 1332 before realizing that it didn't include the QS Enable option. After reading through this forum, it seems I should have used the unrestricted file for 2018 ECU part 1332, which does include the QS option. Can you confirm?

If that is the case, will I have to purchase another license to flash the different file?

Thank you.


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    Never mind, got a response to my email with the correct file.

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    I believe i have done the same thing and dealing with it right now. I flashed the z400 unrestricted with different numbers than my ecu in my bike. Every time i try to reflash with my correct numbers it says no license found. Frustrating but my mistake. I have a 21 ninja 400 abs any pointers woukld be greatly greatly appreciated

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    Please list your ecu PN and the file you first flashed into it, also please try the stock file (not the unrestricted) that matches your ecu part number and see it that works.

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    i flash my R6 frimeware by r7 and now i cant change frimeware to stock, please help me

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