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In regards to the updated quick shift sensors. The wire colors on the new sensor connectors are different.

On the new sensors the connector with Blue and Green wires is the push side and the Orange and Yellow is pull.



  • Posts: 12Verified User hey man maybe you can help get me squared away here. License# B1B95D45 is stuck in a flash initialized state. Any chance yall could reset this for me

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    what is the upgrade in the new sensors

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    My quickshifter (Yamaha R6 ECU-Based Quickshifter Kit (Type 7)) stopped working (purchased 3rd Dec 2021) and used it on the bike between Feb and May 2022 about 10 times without issue, but stopped working in July. Did the multimeter check for continuity, but both the push and pull aspects don't work.

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    If you send back the sensor we can test it and replace if bad.

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    Hi Mike,

    I am from Mumbai, India. I have a GSXR 1000 (2013) I have ordered bike side harness along with the Quick Shifter. Now I have flashesd my ecu and activated the quick shifter setting. But I am continuously getting FI light (C31)

    First I thaught its was due to the gear position sensor(GPS). Even after replacing the (GPS) I am getting the same result with the FI light (C31) also there is no gears showing on my head unit.

    Toady I went for a Dyno Tune. I was shocked to see that once I disconnected the quick shifter all FI light disappeared and bike was also performing well. There was a huge difference in the peak HP approx 9HP.

    As there is a drag event in 1st week November. I would really appreciate if you can help me find a sulotion to my problem.

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    Can you send me the map file you are using and I will help you sort it out?

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    Thanks Mike but i sorted out the problem. It's was the QS sensor. However i also have one more doubt about the ignition timing unristricted maps GSXR 1000 (09 -16) models. As all cylinder are showing identical ignition timing, which is not the case with the stock maps. Can you plz enlighten me on the same?

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    I did not build that map but to the best of my knowledge there probably had no benefits from the variance in the timing as they are influenced by exhaust and cylinder temperature.

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