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How to diagnose no quickshifter on 15+ models

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In order of likelyhood the OEM quickshift strategy can be disabled by.

1) not being turned on.. make sure the qss setting is turned on in the dash and if you have recently updated files make sure the kill times in you file are adequate (race team files only)

2) wheelspeed problems, bent speed ring, abs delete problems, chafed wiring (often the front speed sensor wire can be cut where it routes over the radiator) make sure KMHF and KMHR channels both read speed when spun by hand. Be aware KMHRC and KMHFC are corrected and may still register speed values in the event of a failure.

3) quickshift sensor problems, if your bike is a 15-16 model use diag mode 86 to check the sensor, otherwise check the QSS_act channel in your data logger or in the ft data viewer the channel should switch between 2 and 6 upon sensor activation.

4) clutch switch input. Make sure you clutch switch is connected and functional on stock harnesses. Otherwise, on YEC harness check the position of your hazard switch or map button.


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    Now i'm used ftecu auto blipper to my R1 2015 model( 2sensor)

    can i use auto blipper 2017 model(single sensor) to my R1 2015?

    Need to new activation license again or can use the old lecense(R1 2015 auto blipper)?

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    If you are asking if you could use the new single sensor instead of the old dual setup, then yes that will work. However, the connectors are different from the old sensor to the new one. We have adapters here I can sell you, unless you just want to hardwire the sensor to the harness.


    Jason A.

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    I have a 2019 R1 and did the FTECU flash with the correct file. The QSS lights on the dash aren't showing up. Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

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