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   FTECU Forum Rules & Code of Conduct

    We cannot possibly read every single post made on the forum but we do review every single reported post.

Here are some basic rules to keep this forum a fun place for everyone. 

1) Respect. By far the most important rule here. Through the generations of FTECU, enthusiasts have come together for the love of powersports vehicles and the community. So, the basic rules of real life apply here, show each other respect and you will get respect as well. Don't bash someone else here because you feel like it. Derogatory or insulting remarks will not be tolerated. This applies to all corners of the site - including posts, profile visitor messages, and thread tags.

2) Search. These forums tend to accumulate knowledge, and so when you have a question do a simple search first. A lot of times, the best answers will be found in old threads that have gone over the topic in detail. If you can't find your answer or are still unclear, then by all means don't be afraid and post your question.

3) Disagree, don't attack. Disagree on topics, but try to leave it at that. Just because you don't like someone’s opinion, doesn't mean you should call them and their mother all sorts of names Disagreements are awesome, and you should call someone on something you don't agree with, but don't go out of your way to insult and flame someone. Please consider if you would say to someone's face the same thing you are posting.

4) Help. Be helpful, we are all probably here because of a question and people will go out of their way to help you. Try to do the same if you have the answer to a question posted. FTECU enthusiasts have to stick together. If you think not telling others about some technical info you have will make you and your vehicle unique and prefer to be unique rather than share this information, then this forum is not for you. Help each other with questions and answers and I guarantee you, one day it will pay you back on here.

5) Offtopic in Offtopic forum. Well this should be self-explanatory

6) Suggestions. Make these in the suggestion’s forum. We promise to do our best to accommodate your suggestions. We've made so many changes around here already based on people's feedback and we love doing it, it’s part of the fun for us.

7) Post in the correct category this is especially important for our new members. Our posts are divided into different categories for a reason, it helps to keep the posts organized and on-topic. This will help ensure you get the correct and meaningful answers to your question and will keep the site more focused for our veteran users.

8) No commercial posts or activity. We have very strict anti-spam policies here and we will be deleting posts/banning users without notice when a post is a commercial post. If you happen to see these types of posts on the forum, we urge you to report these members to us.

9) No NSFW (Not-Safe-For-Work) avatars or signatures.

10) No nudity allowed.

11) Double / secondary accounts are not allowed.

Only one account is allowed per member.

12) NO RACISM ALLOWED. No posts which disparage any groups based on race or religion allowed. Most people who decide to post racist and hateful posts follow-up with some diatribe on freedom of speech. Please remember this is a FTECU forum designed for all FTECU users, regardless of race, religion or any other difference. Period. The End.


    Additional list of things not allowed on our forum:

·        Strong, vulgar, obscene or otherwise harmful language,

·        Racially, ethnically or otherwise, objectionable language,

·        Harassing, intimidating, stalking or threatening other community members,

·        Libelous, defamatory or otherwise tortious language,

·        Online vandalism,

·        Impersonation of another person,

·        Posting, distributing, transmitting or promoting illegal content,

·        Invasion of another's privacy,

·        Actions that are hurtful to minors,

·        Posting, providing, transmitting or otherwise making available any materials or information infringing on the rights of a third party,

·        Posting, uploading, emailing or otherwise transmitting information or media about using our products in an illegal manner

·        Posting, providing, transmitting or otherwise making available any junk mail or spam, and

·        Posting, uploading, emailing or otherwise transmitting any material that contains any malicious computer code, or reverse engineering or hacking any materials on the Site.


Of course, we reserve the right to ban/restrict members in accordance with these community rules, hopefully it never comes to that though!

These rules will be enforced but only to improve everyone’s stay here  In the end, we're all enthusiasts here, so help each other out!

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