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Can I transfer my registered DataLink USB cable? Posts: 1,071Staff User

No you cannot. When you plug in the DataLink USB cable for the first time it prompts you and lets you know it's a one time device registration process.

If you give/sell someone your cable they will need your account login information in order to use it. Don't be alarmed we do not store credit card information file so they cannot purchase anything using your information.

If you give/sell someone a bike you flashed but do not want to give them your cable or login info, then they must purchase a DataLink USB cable. Once they have purchased and registered a cable under their account (or if they already had one) then you can transfer the ECU license from your cable to theirs.

No, transferring an ECU license does not mean the cable has been transferred. The ECU license will only transfer to someone with registered hardware under the account email you are attempting to transfer to. If you are getting an error when transferring the license that probably means they do not have registered hardware.

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