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Trying to Flash and keep getting " No Registered ECU found . Would you like to purchase a license "

Is there a bug


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    The software did log an issue with the license for your 08-11 R6. The license has been reset and you can now reflash your ECU again.


    Jason A.

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    Just tried to Re-flash "failed no response " indicated

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    You have a hardware problem that is preventing connection with your ECU. Please refer to the pinned post regarding the hardware test at the top of the forum.

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    hey. I have same problem too. I keep receiving same messages.  "no registered ECU found. would you like to purchase a license for this ECU"

    please help me . thanks

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    What type of harness are you using, bench or bike-side?

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    bench type. i have 2018 cbr1000rr sp.

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    im Having the same issue. done one flash and went to do a flash with a few changes and says my licence is owned by someone else.

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    Please check your hardware. With bench harness, check continuity with a tester. With bike-side harness, use the hardware test sticky post on the forum homepage.

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