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Displaying service codes and what they mean (2013-18 Kawasaki ZX-6R)

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Here is the procedure for displaying the diagnostic service codes on the dash, and then a listing of what those codes mean. This will hopefully help those who are attempting to figure out what is causing any error signals on their bike's dash.

Make sure your bike's battery is fully charged when conducting self-diagnosis. Poor battery charge will affect the signals that the ECU uses to determine faults.

To display error codes:

Turn ignition off, then back on. Push the Mode button to display the odometer. Then push the mode button and hold it for more than two seconds. The service error code will consist of two digits displayed in the upper right corner of the LCD display (if the fault is in the ABS or KIBS, a "b" will appear to the left of the two digits). If there is more than one fault, the error codes will be displayed in numerical order beginning with the lowest number first.

b18 ABS Front outlet solenoid valve trouble (open, temperature abnormal)

b19 ABS KIBS solenoid valve relay trouble (wiring shorted or open, stuck relay [ON or

OFF], or dropout)

13 Intake Air Temp sensor - Intake Air Temperature Ta= -47~+178° C - If the intake air temperature sensor system fails (the signal is out of the usable range (wiring short or open), the ECU sets Ta at 30°C.

14 Water Temp - Water Temperature Sensor Tw= -30~+120° C - If the water temperature sensor system fails (the signal is out of the usable range, wiring short or open), the ECU sets Tw at 80°C and the radiator fan operates.

36 Ignition key - Ignition key must use register key. - If a blank or broken key is used, the

vehicle will not start or run.

1b - KIBS - The KIBS hydraulic unit sends the data (for status of KIBS hydraulic unit) to the meter unit and ECU through the CAN communication line. - If the communication data is not sent, the ECU stops the KTRC control.

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